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Jaseida Mojica is a nationally award winning choreographer, actress and former CEO of Wespac. She is known for (2017) "The Bail Out" which won "Best Comedy Short" at the LA Film Fest and opposite Handmaid's Tale's OT-Fagbenle in (2018) "MAXXX" TV series on UK Channel 4. Jaseida is currently starring in two features as Cynthia in (2017) "The Book of Life" thriller and co-starring as Jamie, a waitress in a rocky relationship in (2017) "Daydreamer's Reality" drama. In (2015) "Full Out" movie on NBC, Jaseida served as creative director for the "Full Out" movie honor roll presenting her real life Wespac dancers overcoming obstacles to promote the true story. She is premiering as the doctor in (2018) "The Tragedy of Jimmy Jimmy Kates" action thriller feature and as the mother in (2018) Young & Naïve drama short with Eric Roberts. Whether you're watching Jaseida dancing opposite Wayne Brady on CBS's Let's Make A Deal airing February 20, 2019 or asking Eric McCormack a racy political question on NBC's after party in (2018) "Will & Grace", it's always going to be a great time.

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